Reading At Home 2023-2024 Spring Challenge Started!



Spring into Reading!

You can earn books for reading at home! All you have to do is read 20/30 minutes a day and keep track of your reading minutes with our handy calendar below.  Your reading can include RAZ-Kids, Tumble Books, reading to self, reading to a buddy, or having an adult read to you. When you mission is complete and you have reached your goal, turn your calendar in to your teacher to earn your reward from the PTA.

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The Spring Reading at Home Challenge is now available. Students who complete the reading challenge and turn in their calendar by April 5th, 2024 will earn a new book! 


Spring Reading Challenge: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Spring Reading Challenge: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade


Questions & Answers

Q: What is the Reading At Home (RAH) program?

A: The RAH program is the Apollo PTA’s reading incentive program. Although students are often assigned to read at home as part of homework, we want to help provide another motivation.

Q: What reward will my child earn?

A: Students who complete the challenge and turn it in by the due date will earn a free new book! We organize a special “Book Giveaway” during a recess when students can come and choose their own book. All new books come from the proceeds earned by the Apollo PTA’s Scholastic Book Fairs!

Q: Where does my child turn in their form?

A: They can turn it into their teacher or in the RAH return box located in the library.

Q: If I read to my child every day, can I count this on the RAH form?

A: Yes. If your child is younger and just learning to read, you can count this on the RAH form.

Q: If my child uses RAZ-Kids or listens to audio books, can I count this on the RAH form?

A: Yes.

Q: I would like to help with the Book Giveaway and help my student and others pick out new books. Who should I contact?

A: You can contact and we’ll let you know the date and time of the next Book Giveaway!